Thanks for visiting Tively! When starting this boutique, I wanted to combine my love for fashion with my desire to help others in need. I figured what better way to help, than to support sustainability practices for our future, and the planet we all live in. We strive to provide you with some of the most exclusive, high-quality, and Eco-friendly products we can find when sourcing our wholesalers for clothing.

The name "Tively" comes from the word "Positively". As someone who has struggled, what seems like her entire life, with mental health, social anxiety, and other life challenges, I pride myself in being able to maintain a positive mindset through it all. Though life never gets easier, I strongly believe that perspective can make an immense difference. Not only do we want to help save the planet, but we want to spread positivity to anyone and everyone wearing our clothes. 

We currently offer various Women's and Gender Neutral Clothing items, and are consistently working on providing more high-quality pieces. Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Tik Tok for updates and product reviews. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our email list so we can send you exclusive offers and discounts. Thanks again for visiting us and we hope you have a "posi-tively" wonderful shopping experience!